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i dont know why but i cant play korone special :c 

Holy shit, Korone's special stage unlock has had so many bugs so far. I'll put out a patch in a bit, I'm gonna take a look at it.

Turns out I didn't fully patch the old unlock time to make it the current one. Should be fixed now, if you redownload it.


YES ty!

It's a hard game but also a fun game. I Saw this game released a 2.0 version. So I try to install the game but I couldn't install it bc of the unknown error. what should I do?

Are you on windows? If you're talking about the popup that says it 'prevented an unrecognized app from running,' you can click 'more info' and then a run anyways button shows up

I was gonna write a I were can't download it that day but I did download today. wat. anyway, thank you for releasing a good game.

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Sora Game 2.0 is a REAL SEQUEL of Sora Game

A-Chan's Standing Animation look like super hero😊 (in future update Make Harusaki Nodoka too)

Kiara Stage is a Goddamn Miko The Sequel I called 
M*T*ER A** F**KING Goddamn Kiara

Stage Time Difficulty Title/Notes
M*T*ER A** F**KING Goddamn Kiara18:02.03[REDACTED] Goddamn Miko The Sequel 
NuiNui Quest
(Collaboration Stage)
1:55.23EasiestGood Collaboration but
Poor Pekora
Korone Special7:00.22HardObjective Stage
Luna9:33:11 [REDACTED]  Spinning Candy everywhere
Marine0:45:08Easiest Short Stage same as Roboco Stage

I have a problem with Korone Special Stage
Why do I have to go through the targets in order?


Kiara's stage shouldn't be too hard if you memorize the fire cycles

Anyways, for Doggy God, I decided to make the listeners go in a specific order so there's no randomness, meaning the player can figure out the fastest way to serve each of them. I thought it would lend itself to the speedrunny nature of this game if I gave specific targets.

I hope you enjoyed!

This game EZ by Heath Bar

I Beat them all (Less than 10 min each stage) except Gura and


Playtime: 2 hrs

Record in: 22.08.18

Goddamn Miko8:32.41[REDACTED][REDACTED]
Calli6:03.40NormalReal Deadbeats
Roboco0:55.51EasiestShort Stage
Lamy9:09:11HardestDrunking Sora
Moona5:09.40NormalGo to the top
Korone2:27.12EasyBat Troll
Goddamn Pekora7:15.22[REDACTED]
HoloX3:55.45Easy5 in 1

It's so interesting seeing how DRASTICALLY different everyone's opinions on each stage's relative difficulty is! This might actually be one of the bigger hot takes I've seen about that...

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! A bigger update and a discord's coming soon, so stay tuned!


Really cool game!

I love the sprites, the little voice clips and the music appropriate for each talent stage.

I wish I was better at this kind of precision platformer though as I couldn't clear a single stage I tried (save for the tutorial XD)

Keep up the good work!


Honestly addicted to this game, cant wait to see what you have in store!
My PB on Korone's challenge:


Previous records

31 sec in Miko is ez to beat. 32 sec on Calli's only with TAS, HOOWW?????????'


Not really, got hit by a completely avoidable scythe and didn't get the skip on the jump post first scythe and still got a 31

i think this is my best score

I can definetely see where you can save that time but actually doing it when the slippery floor is so unstable, Dayum Son

But then i notice that this game have a update 10 days ago XD (use the earliest version last night) so i ll play again today


It's good right now but I think if gamer can turn in the air will be more comfortable to control, and maybe make dash in another key, sometime I just want to move a little then it dash , it's a little annoy.

I'm very excited for the next update