Sora Game update 1

The first major update for Sora Game is here!

In this update, Roboco's here and she has her own challenge to give you!

Roboco's Challenge requires quick and precise use of Sora's dodges to maneuver around lasers and sawblades.

On top of that, there's a new special stage! The bulk of the work on this update went to this stage, so I hope you enjoy what it has to offer!

Aside from the few new stages, this update brings some changes to the game with it!

Holding ENTER now restarts a stage rather than exits it. This change was made so speedrunners going for a low time don't have to run back to the stage in the hub world to try again. Each stage has an exit portal at the very start of it, which you can leave through once you respawn.

To speed things up a bit in Moona's low gravity, a fast drop feature has been added to quickly jolt back to the ground while floating. Quickly tap down twice in succession to fast drop.

And a small detail to top it all off, Sora now has a bouncy new idle animation brought to you by @Peach_Headz!

Have fun with the new update!

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