Sora Game update 2 - Gura stage and options menu

I was going to include more in this update, but decided I want to take a break for a bit after all the constant work I've been doing. So, I thought I'd put out a smaller update with the new features that are already finished.

This update adds a new options menu where you can adjust the BGM and sound volumes. This menu is now where you save your progress instead of the old save and load room. Now your save file is automatically loaded on startup, and you're given the option to reset it if you want. The options menu can be accessed by hitting the block on the title screen and above the Home portals.

Options Block
The new options menu below. It can be navigated with both mouse clicks and keyboard/gamepad controls.

Note: if this version isn't the first one you've downloaded and are updating from an old build, it may read your volume settings as both set to 0.

Moving on,
Gura's Challenge is now finished! You can find Gura at the bottom of the ocean in the new beach area of the hub. The beach is off to the left of the starting forest area, above the cave where Calli is.

It's... a bit awkward having the whole beach area here with Gura being the only NPC currently inhabiting it. But like I said, I was intending to include more in this update originally. Next time Marine's stage will be done too, and she'll be resting on the boat above Gura. 

Sorry for this update being a bit smaller than originally planned. The next one will be a lot bigger, but for now, I'm taking a bit of a break to avoid major burnout from working on Sora Game so much.

Have fun! Please report any bugs or problems you find!

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